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It's time to change your game

Are you:

  • Drifting through your days on autopilot and feeling restless, blah and stagnant?

  • Dreading the return of another Monday because your dream job so far has eluded you?

  • Feeling extra stressed by the unprecedented twists of 2020?


Many men and women are feeling a little extra frantic because the world's changing so fast, time is flying and fleeting, and they sense the opportunity for change is now.


But stress, uncertainty, constant busyness and the comfort of familiar routines often prevent us from making thoughtful, deliberate choices about the things that mean the most, and we fail to create meaningful transformation that lasts. 


Sadly, most people won't make any significant changes. Along with the factors above, they're not sure where to begin, change is challenging, and they lack the tools that actually will work for them.

We can help.

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We are Poppy and Trie, and we know how it feels when life’s demands take precedence over our biggest dreams and obstruct our path to personal and professional happiness, satisfaction and success.

​Your life should be full of energy, deep satisfaction and bliss. If it's not, we'd love to help. As Holistic Transformation Life Coaches we help thoughtful, motivated people like you make big changes. We do this by helping you get completely clear on what you want from work and life, and we guide you through the process to achieve this vision.


With an infusion of mindfulness tools, we help you de-stress and refocus so you can approach life and work intentionally and make the impact you desire and experience the joy you deserve.


Get started by selecting among the resources below.