If less boredom or stress and greater joy, meaning and success (as you define it) sound appealing, you are in the right place. Our proven approach, support and range of tools help you achieve a life that is exciting, meaningful and full of satisfaction.


Our career backgrounds are broad and deep, and our experience as professors, coaches, trainers, career development specialists and mindfulness practitioners makes for a couple of Bliss Chicks eager to help you navigate from where you are now to where you most passionately want to be.

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Heeeeere's Poppy!

My journey through this life has been greatly affected by my diagnosis of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) when I was 30 years old. Before the Big D, I had a career in Human Resources and had risen the proverbial ladder to become HR Director of a small hospital.


After the diagnosis, my husband and I decided to have an early mid-life crisis and move from the Midwest to New Mexico. We took only a Penske truck, car and our beloved Golden Retriever, Cheaney. We didn’t have jobs or even a place to stay. We loved Albuquerque, but after further MS symptoms, we decided to move back to Indiana.


After a few years of improving health in the Hoosier state, we adopted our amazing daughter from China. I decided to work at my daughter’s school when she was old enough, and I got my first taste of teaching – I LOVED it; but, unfortunately, teaching youngsters demands an energy level unseen in most mere mortals, so I decided to earn a master’s degree in Adult Education at the age of 50.

Susan P. "Poppy" Rearick

M.A. Adult Education, Emphasis on Mindfulness Instruction | Indiana University

Virtual Instruction Certification, ITCC

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Since then, I have been a success coach and a lead presenter with Thrive Coaching & Development. I also teach and coach at a local college and find it super rewarding. My approach to teaching and coaching is very collaborative. I believe we learn more from each other than we ever will from a book. My goal is to help clients find their own way -- with me as guide and facilitator. I have also been known to be a pretty good cheerleader, too. 


Living with MS started me on a healing journey, which led me to the world of mindfulness and the pursuit of bliss every day. I am a proponent of creative visualization to heal the mind and body – I believe this is a big reason why I have been able to maintain relative health throughout my disease process. My diagnosis has also underscored for me how important it is to love what you do in this life, and through The Bliss Chicks I'm able to help others do the same.


I hope you’ll join us and become a Bliss Chick, too!


Three things I love? ABBA, singing and naps!!

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Maria Katrien "Trie" Heslin

M.A., M.A. | Indiana University

Certificate in Executive Leadership | Cornell University

Certified Core Coach & Certified Career Transitions Coach | Coach Training Alliance
Certified Career Transformation Coach | The Institute for Career Coaching

Trie Time

My wonderfully wise, Brooklyn-born father always said, "Ya gotta have a plan," but I didn't take that guidance to heart fully until I was well into my 30s! Up to that point, I'd held a variety of ill-fitting jobs, made some flaky life choices and even dated a couple of men who were poor matches for me in terms of their personalities and values. Life sure gets a lot easier and more enjoyable once you get clear on who you are and what you want!


That clarity was triggered when I rediscovered yoga by taking a class on a pier that extended into the Atlantic Ocean. With gentle salt-air breezes, the sounds of soft waves, and incredible natural beauty as my backdrop, I finally experienced what true calm, peace of mind, joy and focus really were. I was hooked! I began to wonder if there were a way to realize this bliss off the mat, in other parts of my life. Even work?

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At the time I was in a lively but high stress job, and I’d experienced the deaths of many close family and friends in just a few short years. I began to immerse myself in mindfulness. I left my job, started a success coaching practice and began teaching at a Big 10 university.


In 2019 I relocated to Washington DC, having spent two decades longer than planned in the college town where I’d earned two Master’s degrees, been the deputy mayor and taught.


With backgrounds in and deep passions for coaching, writing, teaching, speaking, and training, and as huge mindfulness advocates, Poppy and I joined forces to form The Bliss Chicks, working together but geographically apart. We are so happy now to be able to share the approaches we use as Holistic Transformation Life Coaches to help others live the lives they're meant to lead and tackle life and work with clarity, meaning and bliss.


And three of my favorite things are animals, the Jersey Shore and The Rolling Stones.