Is this you? 
You'd love to make a change in your work, but you're not sure where to begin, your resume stinks and the whole shebang sounds like a lot more trouble than it's worth.

Or does this sound more familiar?

Work's not bad, but you're feeling restless, like time is flying by and there are very few checkmarks on your bucket list.​ 2020 has you eager to make some big changes.

This, too, is a possibility ...

You are at a crossroads and want to make some major shifts both personally and professionally.

Whichever scenario describes your feelings best, maybe you're not sure where to start, you're afraid to make a change or you've tried before on your own to no avail. Check out what transformation coaching is all about, our approach and the ways we can work together.

If you're ready to make a job or career change (meaning that you are clear on your strengths and what you want to go after) you must have the absolute best, most powerful tools to help you communicate your outstanding value, brand, strengths and story. You need to show why you are the best person for the role.

From resumes and cover letters to LinkedIn profiles, bios and elevator pitches, we've got you covered. We've both taught career success and the college and university levels and have helped private clients develop tools that landed them their ideal work.

Everyone enjoys learning in different ways. Many of us are visual learners who like to read, digest and implement away!​

This coming-soon section features materials on multiple topics, and the offerings will continue to expand on a regular basis. They are expertly written (in all modesty) by The Bliss Chicks, and they are geared toward enhancing particular aspects of your work, life or bliss.

Every week on Instagram, we post videos that feature tangible ways to increase your bliss. This section features highlights of these videos, in case you haven't joined us yet over on Instagram. Weekly themes support broader monthly themes, so our tips and tools are not random, they are organized. Now that's a mighty blissful approach to learning, now isn't it?!


From learning how to laugh more and breathe better to engaging in sacred self-care and cultivating curiosity our videos are quick ways to add new bliss tools to your work and life.