The Bliss Chicks Life Coaching

Every week on our Instagram page @theblisschicks we explore a new theme that directly impacts your bliss. From laughing more (yes, that literally was our first theme) to sacred self-care, we discuss the benefits of and techniques for adding these elements to your life. Here are many highlights, and head on over now to Instagram for more and to sign up in our Stories for our daily 1-minute Bliss Breaks, 1 pm EST Monday-Friday!


Poppy on change

Humans are instinctively wired to resist change so when we accomplish it we should celebrate! ~Poppy

Trie on change

Most change fails for one of these seven reasons. ~Trie

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Trie on sacred self-care

Sacred self-care means committing our energy every day with a healthy body, clear mind and a vibrant spirit. ~Trie

Poppy on sacred self-care

A silly insecurity sometimes keeps me from dealing with the important issues of self-care. ~Poppy

Poppy on curiosity

Are you curious about life? If I’m lucky enough to live to be 90, I hope to be the woman taking a class on organic gardening at the community college. ~Poppy

Trie on curiosity

Everyone we meet can teach us something if we have our ears open. ~Trie

Trie on passion

Five reasons why living with passion is so important. ~Trie

Poppy on passion

Living with passion often means losing track of time! ~Poppy

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Poppy on your happy place

A happy place can be on the other side of the world or right in your own backyard. ~Poppy

Trie on your happy place

Where is your happy place? Do you have more than one special place where you feel blissful and like your best self? ~Trie

Trie on bliss

Let's help one another reduce stress, live in the moment and cultivate more bliss continually. ~Trie

Poppy on bliss

Bliss sometimes comes the hard way. ~Poppy

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