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We are at a special moment in history. These times have made us all feel various and fluctuating levels of fear, uncertainty, heartbreak, frustration, anger, disappointment and confusion, and a decision point is upon us.


As the world undergoes dramatic changes, we can choose to change along with it, or we can cling to what was and ignore the opportunity to play a crucial role in the evolving renaissance.

There are many reasons we seek significant change. It doesn’t need to be triggered by world-altering events, but it sure can be!

Transformation is often set in motion by sudden changes like those just described, or because people know something big is coming up in their life and they want to be ready for it – from graduating college to becoming empty nesters.


We also can initiate change if we’re determined to move away from something we don’t like – a relationship or job perhaps – or want to move toward something we really want, such as greater happiness or fulfillment. The choice is ours to make. And perhaps now more than ever, there’s no time like the present to act.

Whatever the factors driving the desire for change, the process can be difficult, murky and confusing. But with a little guidance and support, YOU can make your biggest dreams become reality.


You can being your transformation journey with The Bliss Chicks here:


  1. One-on-one coaching using our proven, 7-step transformation system called Love Life. If career change is part of the transformation you want to embrace, then the program Love Monday, Love Life is for you.

  2. Coming soon: Do-It-Yourself success guides, if you want a clear roadmap of exactly how to make specific types of transformation.

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